Typical Injuries People Experience While Moving Homes

Moving from one home to a new one can be a stressful thing. However, it can really result in actual pain since injuries during house moving are extremely common and can happen anytime. In this article, we’ve listed the typical injuries while moving and some tips to prevent them:


Knee and back injuries

Moving means you need to lift heavy items and boxes a lot of times. When you don’t have a strong core, additional stress will be forced on your back, which usually leads to back injury. Take time to pack items and don’t be in a rush. Do not do a lot of sudden movements. When an item gets extremely heavy to lift, don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Apart from that, heavy objects can exert pressure on your knee as well, causing pain and damaging it. Don’t take a lot of heavy boxes as much as possible. If in the event your knee and back get hurt, the pain could last more than a couple of days even after rest. Make sure to not take this issue lightly and visit a certified chiropractor before the pain gets worse.

Sprained ankles

Moving can be an extremely rushed procedure that you can possibly twist your foot or arm as you move around to get things done. Hence, before you start packing and loading your things, make sure to wear the right shoe type, and never rush things around. Remember that this isn’t a race.

Scrapes and cuts

As you pack up your things, you may encounter sharp objects and cut yourself. It’s quite hard to dodge small cuts, so, you should be prepared by keeping a medical kit close to you at all times.

Fractured fingers, toes, or hands

During the moving process, people usually drop heavy items on their body parts, which leads to fractures. Because of this, you really have to be cautious in the manner you’re lifting things since a fracture might take 6 weeks to heal. Moreover, it might disturb and affect your moving plan.


Dress appropriately

Packing could be a busy task. So, you need to wear airy and comfy clothes. But, attempt to cover yourself as much as possible to prevent injuries like cuts and scrapes.

Clear obstacles

Make sure that you have a clean parking area. Also, don’t try packing all of your things within a day since it’ll just make a mess. Instead, plan to pack 1 room per day. This way, your home won’t be messy. When you have to pack a lot, guarantee to have a clear doorway so that you won’t fall or trip.

Ask some professional’s help

It would be a reasonable idea to have Melbourne to Brisbane removalists to assist you while they bring with them the necessary tools that can lift heavy items and do all the moving tasks for you. Also, you can simply oversee all the moving procedure at ease and without any sweat.