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Reasons to Not Reuse Eyelash Extensions

If you have something that costs a lot of money, it’s only practical to find ways to reuse the service or item to lower expenses. We all know that eyelashes extensions aren’t cheap.  

You have to invest a lot of money to refill your lash extensions every several weeks to maintain your beautiful look. Because of this, most people want to look for ways to increase the lifespan of their eyelash extensions or to reuse them. Unfortunately, professionals don’t recommend reusing them. 

Today, we’re going to share with you several reasons why you should not reuse your eyelash extensions Portland Oregon. 

It Isn’t Worthwhile 

If you are getting eyelash extensions, you should know that they will last for a couple of weeks. This offers you the chance to show a flawless look day in and day out. If you’re planning to reuse your eyelash extensions to save money, consider the points mentioned below.  

Reusing your eyelash extensions isn’t worthwhile. Even if you do manage to collect every single fallen eyelash extension, you just cannot reattach them on your own.  

In addition to that, if you plan to bring all your collected eyelash extensions to the technician, they will not agree to apply them.   

They’re Susceptible to Wear and Tear 

Almost every product will undergo deterioration. This includes eyelash extensions. The truth is that they only last for a couple of weeks. During this period, they undergo natural wear and tear.  

Whenever you’re busy with your routine chores such as bathing, sleeping, cleaning, and cooking, these lashes lose their initial integrity.  

The truth is that each time you rub your eyes or sweat, you are damaging your eyelash extensions. Eventually, they show indications of deterioration.  

It is Unsanitary 

Professionals use a unique adhesive that contains Cyanoacrylate to apply the lash extensions to your natural lashes. If you choose to prematurely get rid of your lash extension or catch a falling extension, it can be difficult to clean them.  

Your eyelash extensions are continuously exposed to grime, dust, and dirt from the time you apply them to the time they fall off.  

Since your eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of your body, utilizing any unhygienic products can immediately lead to infections and other medical issues. This can include conjunctivitis, redness, swelling, and dryness.  

It’s Difficult to Collect Used Eyelash Extensions 

Compared to false lashes, eyelash extensions cannot be reused the next day. They will slowly fall out within 2-4 weeks. This depends on the health of your natural lashes. Because of this, people choose to refill their eyelash extensions every 3 weeks to maintain their gorgeous look.  

One vital thing to keep in mind is that your eyelashes will not fall off at the same time. Across the growth cycle, you can lose 1-5 eyelashes a day. Every eyelash will also fall off at a different time.  

Most of the time, you won’t even notice if you shed an eyelash since you might be busy doing something. This means that you will not have any chance to collect your eyelash extensions as they fall off.  

Typical Injuries People Experience While Moving Homes

Moving from one home to a new one can be a stressful thing. However, it can really result in actual pain since injuries during house moving are extremely common and can happen anytime. In this article, we’ve listed the typical injuries while moving and some tips to prevent them:


Knee and back injuries

Moving means you need to lift heavy items and boxes a lot of times. When you don’t have a strong core, additional stress will be forced on your back, which usually leads to back injury. Take time to pack items and don’t be in a rush. Do not do a lot of sudden movements. When an item gets extremely heavy to lift, don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Apart from that, heavy objects can exert pressure on your knee as well, causing pain and damaging it. Don’t take a lot of heavy boxes as much as possible. If in the event your knee and back get hurt, the pain could last more than a couple of days even after rest. Make sure to not take this issue lightly and visit a certified chiropractor before the pain gets worse.

Sprained ankles

Moving can be an extremely rushed procedure that you can possibly twist your foot or arm as you move around to get things done. Hence, before you start packing and loading your things, make sure to wear the right shoe type, and never rush things around. Remember that this isn’t a race.

Scrapes and cuts

As you pack up your things, you may encounter sharp objects and cut yourself. It’s quite hard to dodge small cuts, so, you should be prepared by keeping a medical kit close to you at all times.

Fractured fingers, toes, or hands

During the moving process, people usually drop heavy items on their body parts, which leads to fractures. Because of this, you really have to be cautious in the manner you’re lifting things since a fracture might take 6 weeks to heal. Moreover, it might disturb and affect your moving plan.


Dress appropriately

Packing could be a busy task. So, you need to wear airy and comfy clothes. But, attempt to cover yourself as much as possible to prevent injuries like cuts and scrapes.

Clear obstacles

Make sure that you have a clean parking area. Also, don’t try packing all of your things within a day since it’ll just make a mess. Instead, plan to pack 1 room per day. This way, your home won’t be messy. When you have to pack a lot, guarantee to have a clear doorway so that you won’t fall or trip.

Ask some professional’s help

It would be a reasonable idea to have Melbourne to Brisbane removalists to assist you while they bring with them the necessary tools that can lift heavy items and do all the moving tasks for you. Also, you can simply oversee all the moving procedure at ease and without any sweat.

Storage and Moving Advice that Will Step-up Your Moving Experience

Getting a new home in the city is a blessing. The dust-free living, bright sunshine, new drapes, and the smell of fresh paint are irresistible. Although, before you get to enjoy every part of your new place, you are required to clear out your old home, pack all of your stuff and belongings, and book for a certified interstate removalists Sydney to Gold Coast with their moving tucks hat can pull up as soon as you’re prepared. Below are the following tricks and tips that can change the manner you enjoy and experience apartment living. In this article, we’ve come up with the following points that will change your moving experience from now on.

Loading a TV

Purchasing a 52-inch LED television might be fun. However, it’s tricky to pack it for moving. For this, you need to cover the screen with a towel, wrap it in bubblewrap, look for its original box and make sure to transport it in an upright position.

Smartly use your linens

You can save a few more bucks on bubblewrap if you use linens and towels you pack the fragile items in your apartment. In fact, one of the pieces of advice given by expert movers is to utilize clothing as padding to reduce the load and save space.

Packing mirrors and glass frames

While you have to separately load each one in a great amount of bubble wrap, do not forget to label every box as “fragile” for the discretion of the movers.

Crockery packing

All contemporary houses have some amount of China. They do not need to be extravagant, however, it’s not pleasant to put away broken pieces after moving. So, consider to pack them vertically, such as vinyl records, and put bubble wraps between them to minimize their possibility to break.

Get a color code

One of the simplest means of sorting things out based on rooms is to use the color coding on them. Apply various color stickers or markers to signify the particular rooms every box should be located. Keep a color-key or legend that you can utilize in the event you get confused with the moving process.

Do not take out the drawers

If you plan to move within the city, you don’t have to be worried about taking out your furniture drawers. You can just load and pack them up with the assistance of heavy-load moving services and unpack the same way, prepared to be used instantly.

Never disregard your hangers

As you pack and fold, never take your clothes off of their hangers. Before you put them in the box, make sure to zip-tie the top and wrap them in plastic. This way, you can easily unpack the box, unfold them, and hang them right away.

Free packing boxes

It’s a given that moving could be expensive. You have to cut expenses as much as you can, including looking for free boxes before starting your packing session. Thankfully, you can actually get free durable packing boxes for packing the things for moving.

Hacks and Tips for Moving into a New Home

The idea of the need to pack up all of your things and transfer into a new home alone can provide nightmares to a lot of movers and interstate removalists. Just imagining the stressful and time-consuming task to pack all of your stuff in your house, some way or the other can result in many sleepless nights and immense stress.

Color code all your things

Provide a color code to every room of your new abode and place the color coding on your doorway. Next, put some markings on every package you want according to where you want them to be placed matched to their color code. This will prevent the chances of putting things in the incorrect room.

Carefully seal the liquids

You can prevent the issue of spillage of liquid containers by covering all the liquid jars and bottles with cling film. Then, you can simply place them in any box without worrying about leakage once you open them again.

Choose a box for your first night

It’ll be nearly not possible for you to settle down right away in your new place. As a matter of fact, there’s a great possibility that most of your stuff may not have reached your destination yet. In this case, it would be best to pack all the toiletries and essentials, which you think you need during your first night, into another box and bring it with you. Your other things can be attended to the next day.

Guarantee proper delivery of the furniture conveyance of your gathered things is equally important. Thus, furniture delivery should only be left to a reputable agency that can truly understand the essence and importance of transporting items from one area to another, efficiently and quickly.

Make this brief electronic hack

It’s a simple task to unplug all of your electronic gadgets. However, having all the various wires and leads back into the correct socket after unpacking all of your things can be a nightmare. To save time and prevent this, take a picture of all the points before you unplug the, Hence, you’ll know what goes in where once you need to reinsert them.

But, help is available and you don’t really have to worry about transferring to a new place you can stay. All you need to do is to follow the resourceful moving tips and make your new home moving process a lot easier.

Wrap your fragile things in clothes

This method is the best way to kill 2 birds with 1 stone. The breakables and fragile items don’t just arrive in one piece, you also get to send your blankets, towels, trousers, and shirts in one go.

Label all of your boxes

Place your telephone number, address, and your name on every label and attach them to your packed boxes. Keep in mind to label them on the sides and not on top of them because they might become invisible once they’re piled up at a higher level.

Things You Should Do While Waiting for Movers Arrive

Now that you’ve ultimately wanted to move out and decided to utilize the services of the professional interstate removalists Sydney. To make the moving process a lot easier and smoother, you have to be prepared for them to arrive. Below are some things to do in advance:

Drinks and snacks

Based on what should be packed and how big your home is, It might take many hours or even many days for the expert movers to be prepared for the move and pack up everything. You can do the initiative to become a good host and do a few things that can help them work better.

For example, show them all of your things and let them know what you anticipate from them. Moreover, you must tell them where the bathroom is located. If you can, get some bottled snacks and water that they can drink and eat on while they are on break. This can help them work better and keep refreshed.

Tale a lot of pictures

Take out your camera and capture some photos of all your things that are to be delivered. This way, you can prove the original condition of your belongings through photographic evidence in case anything will be lost or damaged. Focus on taking a picture of your most valuable things. You never know when this will potentially be needed. But, there’s no harm in doing this in advance.


Come up with an inventory and create an itemized list of the things in your home. This way, you can cross-examine together with the expert movers you hire that all of your belongings have been delivered once you reached your destination. Apart from that, such a list can really be helpful if ever something will happen to your things and you’re required to file an insurance claim. With this list, you can guarantee which property of yours was damaged or lost during the move.

Pack the stuff that they’ll approve to carry

You don’t have to waste your precious time to pack up stuff that movers will not carry in the first place. Hence, you need to do your research in advance and determine which things your chosen mover provider doesn’t move. Most of the time, such include frozen foodstuff, hazardous chemicals, and materials such as acids or paint, plants, and more.


To start with, you have to remove the things that you don’t use. You don’t need to take everything you have to your new home, especially the useless one. Also, you need to remember that you’ll be paying for the enter weight of the things you plan to move. This only means that the more things you plan to move, the costlier it will be. Thankfully, you can minimize this expense by de-cluttering your home. With this, you can prepare the things that are still in great condition and give them to your friends and family, donate them to charity, or you can just sell them.

5 Qualities You Should Look For in a Removalist Company

Moving can both be a jovial and exciting experience. Maybe you have just purchased a new house and you plan to move in soon or perhaps there’s a great business opportunity that opened up in another area and you plan to move your office. No matter what your reasons are, moving in a long distance is a thrilling task to do that needs plenty of thorough planning so that you get a smooth transition. If you’re looking for a trusted interstate removalists Brisbane, here are the major qualities you need to search for:


Moving is a delicate procedure wherein a lot of things can go downhill in an instant. If ever there will be unforeseen accidents or mishaps, you surely need to employ a fully insured expert moving company. This can make sure that you’ll get compensated in the event anything will happen to your things and valuable properties.


Before you hire any moving service provider, you can take some time to think about how much it’ll cost. It’s highly suggested that you must book for a meeting with a representative from the moving company so that they provide you a detailed and thorough estimation. Some factors can impact the price, such as the number of trips needed to be done, the number of luggage, and the distance.


Once you facilitate an interstate move, you have to look for a moving service provider that can transport and carry your things over many hundred miles. Make sure to ask as to what means of transportation they will utilize and how long it would take for the whole journey. When you’ve got a hectic schedule, you can always request if they can do express service for you, which lets you get your belongings as fast as you can.


Because you’ll be entrusting the moving company to deal with your personal items, you have to guarantee that everything will be kept safe by the time it leaves your existing house to where it reaches the ultimate destination. As a rule of thumb, you need to refrain from packing expensive belongings like jewelry in usual moving boxes. Instead, you need to keep such items in a small suitcase that you can easily bring as hand luggage. See to it that the company has the right security mechanisms like fasten and secure locks on moving trucks and tagging of properties.


Make sure that you’ll only hire an experienced moving company to facilitate long-distance moves. This makes sure that they’re informed properly on the different strategies and procedures that require to be done and applied. Also, an expert moving company will get happy customers who can vouch for the high-quality moving services that they offer.

So, guarantee to call with the best removalists in town today. You can do so by visiting our page or emailing our email address for more clarifications and to respond to your concerns.